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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

Creating a positive patient experience is something we take seriously. You have rights and a role regarding your treatment and care. We will respect your rights and aim to help you understand your role as a partner in your care. Knowing your rights & responsibilities can help you make better decisions about your care.

What are your rights as a patient?

You have the right to:

    Be informed about the care you will receive.
    Get information about your care in your language.
    Make decisions about your care, including refusing care.
    Know the names of the caregivers who treat you.
    Safe care.
    Have your pain treated.
    Know when something goes wrong with your care.
    Get an up-to-date list of all of your current medicines.
    Be listened to.
    Be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.
    Privacy and confidentiality regarding your medical records. No information will be released without your written consent.
    Information concerning fees for services we provide.
    Review and receive an explanation of your billing statement.
    Express concerns through our patient complaint program.
    Include advance directives in your medical record.
    Have your guardian, next of kin, or legal designee exercise these rights if you are unable to.

What is your role in your health care?

    You should be active in your health care.
    Let us know if you do not understand, or cannot follow your health care instructions.
    You should ask questions. Be prepared with questions at the time of your visit.
    You should pay attention to the instructions given to you by your caregivers. Follow the instructions.
    You should share as much information as possible about your health with your caregivers. For example, give us an up-to-date list of your medicines, and remind us about your allergies.
    Notify us of any changes including name, address, phone number, employment, insurance, births, deaths or divorce.
    Call us as far in advance as possible to schedule an appointment.
    Give us 24-hour notice when you must cancel an appointment.
    Treat clinic physicians, staff and other patients with dignity, respect and courtesy.
    Know your health plan benefits.
    Pay your bill.
    Let us know how we are doing.